Do you want more from your life? 

Let's look for it inside of you!

Join my unique energetic mentorship and let's embark the journey to the next level in your life. 

What is it that you want in your life?

More success? More impact? Fulfillment?

Or deeper relationships, health and balance?

All the answers lie within you, as well as the power of getting it all and manifesting it in all aspects of your life. 

So let's get the journey started. Are you ready? 

We'll take the hollistic approach and work with your mind, body, soul and Higher Self too. 

Let's work together if you:

  • are lacking balance and steady feet in your life
  • want to touch your spiritual side and explore new dimensions within you
  • dissolve all blocks and inner limits stopping you from living your full potential
  • open all wounds and start healing them
  • grasp new directions in your life, raise up and go to live new chapters of your life
Vera is inspirational in how she walks her journey on her own rules, combining business with spirituality, intuitive knowing and energy. After working with her I stopped putting pressure on myself about where I should be in my journey and how it all should look like. She teaches simple techniques in her programs that heal and empower.
Livia RandisiFinance Manager in multinational conglomerate

How can I help you?

Watch this video to get more insight about the benefits of our cooperation. 

Energetic Mentorship Packages

Choose a package and book your free Breakthrough call to see if we are a perfect fit for each other.

Sessions are held online or in person in Berlin.  

1.250 EUR
3x 90 min deep sessions
(coaching, healing), one month of energetic partnership for keeping the safe space for transformation, voice and text backup Mo-Sa 9-18:00, additional materials (vizualizations, meditations, videos or workbooks) based on individual needs
3.500 EUR
9x 90 min deep sessions (coaching, healing), three months of energetic partnership for keeping the safe space, voice and text backup Mo-Sa 9-18:00, additional materials (vizualizations, meditations, videos or workbooks) based on individual needs

Vera Svach

I'm your private Transformation Coach and Spiritual Mentor. 

With years of experience in the field of coaching and healing, I have hundreds of clients on my account.

My methods are structural, intuitive and spiritual too. I am here now, just for you, with my full attention and powerful energetic container.

I am also an experienced business owner, mother of three and a wife of highly engaged manager. That is why I bring a unique combination of practical down to earth approach with new earth spiritual depths.

I come from Czechia and before settling in Berlin lived in Prague, Shanghai and Montreal. 

I celebrate my Slavic roots and embrace wisdom and intuitive spiritual female gifts of our nations. 

Join me on the journey to your deep inner side and let's face all we'll encounter together. 

It's time to heal. 

It's time to grow within you and outside of you. 

It's time to speak and live your truth and let it manifest in your life. 


Welcome to the new chapter of your life!